Guest Post: Love, It’s a Stitch


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Here is a guest post from my (sort-of) cousin – Heather Bradley -

LOVE, IT’S A STITCH: Most of you know that, from a very young age, I was raised by my Aunt and Uncle. Whenever I tell anecdotes about my “parents” I am usually referring to them (well, at least the good ones). My Uncle’s mother, Grandma W, was an amazing woman. She made the most *heavenly* biscuits, could grow and can anything, and would sew these incredible quilts. The quilts weren’t the delicate decorative kind. They were quilts that were hardy and could stand the rigors of life…like her. Every major life event, we would get a quilt. Graduating from high school and going to college? Get a quilt. Getting married? Get a quilt. Having kids? Get a quilt. I have six quilts. Four full size and two crib size. Each marking the major events in my life. I’ve told my children stories about the quilts, which has resulted in many arguments over why is “my” quilt on “your” bed. I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately, Grandma W. This morning I woke up…the sun streaming through my window, the air conditioning humming gently…on my Sealy posture pedic pillow top mattress swathed in 3000 thread count combed egyptian cotton sheets, and draped gently in my summer quilt, the one she made for me 25 years ago when I was leaving for college. The sheets and mattress felt luxurious. The quilt felt like love.

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