slivering snakes!


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We met our first snake of the season yesterday.  It was a tiny ring neck and the girls were psyched.  He hung around for a while and the kids were able to see him in different hiding places and see him move along the driveway.  Ring necks move kind of like a water snake – the black snakes we usually find have more of a straight pattern.  The ring snake’s movement was almost musical…I’m hoping we will see him again this afternoon.

ring neck

This little one was quite the contrast to last year’s first snake that I had to cut out of the garden netting – he was over 5 feet long!  A gentle giant – he didn’t appear to even consider striking when I was freeing him and then stuck around a bit for the kids to get a look.


Yesterday we also caught a glimpse of one of this year’s skinks.  Below is a picture of last year when one of the cats caught a skink and the kids were able to get up close and personal after I made a second capture of it – inside my house.



I love living the country life in the suburbs!  We get the best of both worlds!


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