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Chicken stock.  So easy, so good, and so fulfilling.  I think my favorite thing about chicken stock is that it makes me feel like I’m really using every last bit of the food and not wasting anything.

It’s not just for soup.  In fact I rarely make soup with it.  I use it in mole sauce and other recipes, but mostly I use it as a substitute for water when making rice or quinoa.  It gives a little more flavor and a nutrition boost.

How to make it.  I like to keep things easy, so as I pick my chicken, I put the bones, skin, drippings, etc straight into the crock pot.  I also add any vegetable scraps I have on hand (sometimes I freeze them in a bag throughout the week) and any vegetables that are past their prime in my fridge.  I squirt in some lemon juice and then fill it the rest of the way with water (I use 6 quart crock pot.)  Put the slow cooker on low and leave it for a day or so.  Strain the stock into the jars and voila! you have your stock.

Storage.  I store it in old spaghetti jars.  Make sure you leave an inch of head room at the top to allow for expansion.  Put it in the fridge first to get cold and then move to the freezer the next day.  I find it does best in the door of the freezer.

Don’t you love easy foods that are made out of trash?


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